Blindern vs BRK 28th May, 2016

A squad of 16 players travelled to Oslo to take on Blindern in BRK’s first game of the XV’s season. Most made it to the ground at Voldsløkka in good time.

The rain which had accompanied the warm-up dissipated and the game kicked-off on what turned out to be a glorious afternoon.

Bergen received the kick-off and started well, immediately bringing play into Blindern’s half.  Too many errors meant that nothing came of this until a strong break by JB, well supported by Anders, led to Anders forcing his way over the line for the first try of the game.

A tough contest ensued, with Blindern threatening, and scoring, through their centres and Bergen making life difficult for themselves by taking too many 7’s habits into the game, an approach that the Blindern defence was not going to oblige.

However, the pressure from the experienced Bergen pack gave a pushover try from a driving maul by Karl meant that about 20min from time Bergen were only two points down and had a chance to get ahead thanks to a penalty, but the attempt failed.

An injury in the first half meant that the fifteen men remaining on the pitch had to dig deep to work a fiercely competitive Blindern side back into their twenty-two. After once again being let down by inaccuracies near the try line, Bergen scored through a battered and bruised Willy Wilson.

This last score made it 14-17, enough for a Bergen victory.  A great effort from all involved.

The afternoon was rounded of by enjoying Blindern’s hospitality in the sun.

PS: Thanks to Richard for lugging the kit all round Oslo (and performing your other duties).