Rugby is played throughout the world by men and women, boys and girls. Players are attracted to Rugby because of its unique character-building values. Our sport is built upon the principles of camaraderie, fair play, respect and teamwork. Every player knows these principles are more important than winning or losing. From the earliest steps in our sport, players are taught the basics of playing fair, enjoying the game and respecting the officials and opponents alike.

In 2012, aging Bergen Rugbyklubb players decided to transmit their love of the game to their kids and the Bergen Rugbyklubb minis program started. We meet once a week, usually on Sunday mornings to play and teach rugby to kids from 3 to 12 years old.

Our coaches have been certified tough the IRB Get into rugby program. Typical lessons will build on ball handling skills, learning and respect of the rules of rugby. Our mini group has grown from a few children to 25 – 30 children on each session. Depending on age group we will focus more on having fun and playing with the rugby ball with the younger and evolve toward the rugby game by using Tag rugby rules. Safety and fun are our primary focus and tackling is not allowed before 8 years of age.

Our minis are a full part of the Bergen Rugbyklubb, we typically demonstrate our skills whenever our seniors or juniors teams play official games in Bergen. We also travel to Stavanger twice a year to play with our friends from Stavanger Rugbyklubb and we participate in local rugby tournaments in Bergen.

Being a mini means you can be a mascot for the national team when Norway play games in Bergen. Being a mini means also you will be invited to the movember moustache competition and to the Xmas party in December. So come and join us and enjoy Rugby.

We train every sunday from 1030 to 1200 at  Krohsminde next to Danmark plass bybanen stop. We typically follow Bergen school calendar and train inside from mid October.

Coaching Team

Head Coach Karl Frisch Mobile No. 98882437
Team Manager Gavin Collins Mobile No. 46788912