Message from the President



Message from the President                                       


Welcome to another exciting year of rugby!   For the 2018 year there has been a change in the coaching team.  Ian Irving, after many years of service, has stepped down as Head Coach.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his years of service and hard work for the club.  Ian hasn’t only worked on the coaching side for the club but has also made a huge contribution behind the scenes. All the great artwork that supports BRK is the product of his design skills and again the club is extremely grateful for his time, skills and effort as our creative designer.    Thank you.

Coaching for our club will be taken by our Director of Rugby, Karl Frisch.   He will coach and oversee all club sections of rugby with the help of his coaches.  We wish Karl and his team good luck for this season.   The season this year for the seniors has most of its main matches placed towards the end of the season.  I hope that this with the Hordaland League, regular and personal training and tours will lead to a successful season for our club.

For Juniors focus will be on training, touring and matches for this group.  A tour has been booked for Juniors and Minis to play in a tournament in Gothenburg in June.  More details will follow.

For the Minis there are three teams now set up in Bergen; Søreide, Skanskamyren and Haukeland. I hope that these three teams will continue to grow and play against each other.

The Wheelies are back training and seem to have new members each time we meet!  There will be a focus this year on repairs of their wheelchairs and we are looking at funding to purchase new ones.  There are two tournament dates set up for this year in Haukelandshallen and I hope that many of our players will take part in this great event.

A training course for Referees Level 1 on 10th February run by the NRF and held in Bergen.  This is to build up referees on the west coast.

The BRK AGM will be held on Monday 12th March at the Idrettushus.

This weekend our resident paramedic has taken to the skies to return home to Australia for good.  Kris Skjold has done a great job to look after our BRK side.  I would like to thank him very much for his work and wish him all the very best for the future.

Finally, I wish all BRK players, members and supporters a great BRK rugby year!

Best wishes,


Jules Crossley-Nilsen