Julebord 2015

Julebord 2015!

Have you bought your tickets???  Deadline is this Friday – For Seniors 400NOK into BRK account 9521.65.33675 with your name and JB 2015.

The Julebord will be held at Bergen Turnhallen on Saturday 12th December.

Here are the further details:-

Hello Bergen rugby members!

The event shall be held on the Saturday the 12th of December with the starting times stated below:

Minis – 16:00-18:00

Juniors – 17-30-19:30

Men’s and Ladies Seniors – 19:30-02:00 (older juniors 18 and over welcome to stay)

The location is Bergen Turnhallen, Vilhelm Bjerknesvei 22, 5081 Bergen.

For the Seniors traditional Noggie Julemat is to be served at 20:00.

Drinks shall be served at the bar but will be cash only.

WIFI, a video screen and toilets are on location should they be required.

Please bring a, none normal, drinking cup or glass to drink with as limited glasses/cups will be available, i.e. ‘Anything But Cups – Everyone bring a non-cup to drink out of. (e.g. dog bowl, old scuba helmet, jug, cone or a really fancy cup).

To purchase drinks you will need to show your non-cup.’

Award and speech times shall be organized on the night.

Any further queries please contact either Joe (mobile 47356883).

See  you there!